Best MT4 Forex Binary Options Brokers

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a popular trading platform that can be used to trade forex binary options. Our team have tested, compared and ranked the best brokers that offer forex binary options on MetaTrader 4, taking into account:

The availability of MT4 on desktop, web and mobile

The maximum payout on forex binary options

The range of expiry times

The minimum deposit

List of Best MT4 Forex Binary Options Brokers 2024 

These are the top MT4 forex binary options brokers based on our findings: 

  1. GC Option: Best Forex Binary Options Broker With MT4
  2. World Forex: Highest Forex Binary Options Payouts On MT4
GC OptionWorld Forex
MT4 Platform Access Desktop (Windows, MacOS), Mobile (iOS, Android), Web  Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS, Android), Web  
Currency Pairs25+20+
Maximum Payout 85% 100% 
Minimum Deposit$10$1 
Expiry Times1 minute – 48 hours1 minute – 7 days
MetaTrader 4 Forex Binary Options Brokers Comparison

GC Option: Best Forex Binary Options Broker With MT4 

Why We Recommend GC Option 

We recommend GC Option because you can analyze and trade over two dozen currency pairs on MetaTrader 4 with competitive conditions.

Payouts up to 86% are available, traders can get started with $10, and the broker offers the MT4 platform via desktop, web and mobile.

Below we explain why GC Option is the best forex binary options broker with MetaTrader 4.

Pros/Cons of GC Option 


Flexible desktop, mobile and web access to MT4 

GC Option’s MT4 platform is easily accessible via a Windows or MacOS desktop application, or the MT4 mobile app for Android or iOS devices.  

You can also open MT4 through the convenient WebTrader. We recommend this for beginners who want to start trading forex binaries quickly without downloading any software.  

Trading forex binary options on GC Options MetaTrader 4 platform
Three flexible accounts with perks the more you deposit  

GC Option makes signing up easy with its three straightforward accounts: Silver, Gold and VIP.  

All accounts offer trading on 27 instruments, plus free education and analysis. However, the premium tiers offer useful perks, from trading signals in the Gold account to support for Expert Advisors (EAs) and a 10% refund on unsuccessful trades in the VIP profile.

With $10, $100 and $300 minimum deposits respectively, all the broker’s accounts are relatively accessible.

A wide range of accessible payment methods

GC Options supports more global payment methods than competitors, including bank transfers, debit and credit cards, e-wallets like Perfect Money and FasaPay, plus popular cryptos such as Bitcoin.  

The wide range of account currencies, including USD, EUR, INR, MYR, IDR, NGN, and near-instant deposits, also makes it fast and convenient to get started.

High payouts up to 86% on forex binary options 

While payouts are lower than World Forex, GC Option still offers competitive payouts ranging from 60% to 86%.

During our tests, we could trade binary options on majors like the EUR/USD with an 86% payout and the EUR/GBP with an 85% return.


MT4 isn’t available in the Silver account

We found that only two of the three account types offered by GC Option provide access to the MT4 platform. Investors will need to open a Gold or VIP account to trade forex binaries on MT4. A proprietary web trader is available to Silver account holders.

Whilst this is a shame, we think the Gold and VIP accounts are still within reach for beginners, given the accessible minimum deposits of $100 and $300, respectively.

Not suitable for longer-term trading strategies

GC Option is best for short-term forex binary options trading, with the longest expiry time of 48 hours. This is noticeably shorter than the 7 days available at World Forex, which may deter investors with longer-term trading systems.

GC Option is an unregulated broker

GC Option is not regulated by a trusted financial body, which lowers its safety score. While this is common in the binary options industry, it is worth noting before you open a trading account.

Why Is GC Option Better Than The Competition? 

GC Option stands out for its flexible trading accounts, straightforward funding and easy access to the MetaTrader 4 platform on desktop, web and mobile.

GC Option is also one of the few forex binary options brokers with MT4 to offer 24/7 customer support, helping new traders get set up on the platform.

Who Should Choose GC Option? 

Investors looking to start trading forex binaries on MetaTrader 4 quickly with a straightforward sign-up process should consider GC Option.

Short-term traders, in particular, will also be well served by GC Option with its contracts spanning 1 minute to 48 hours.

In addition, GC Option will appeal to beginners with free education and analysis provided as standard when you open a live account.

Who Should Avoid GC Option? 

Traders with a longer-term horizon should avoid GC Option, as it focuses on short-term forex binary options.

With a $100 minimum deposit needed to access forex binaries on MetaTrader 4, it may also deter traders on a strict budget. World Forex is a better option here, with a $1 starting investment.

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World Forex: Highest Forex Binary Options Payouts On MT4

Why We Recommend World Forex 

We recommend World Forex because it offers forex binary options on MetaTrader 4 with a low $1 minimum deposit, turbo contracts from 60 seconds and high payouts up to 100%.

Below we explain why World Forex is one of the best forex binary options brokers with MetaTrader 4.

Pros/Cons of World Forex 


The MT4 platform is accessible on desktop, mobile and web 

World Forex allows traders to download the MT4 software onto a Windows, Apple or Linux PC or get the MT4 app on Android or iOS devices.

The broker also supports the MT4 WebTrader which conveniently gives traders access to the platform from a browser without the need to download any software. 

We especially like that the broker offers a free MT4 demo account so you can browse the platform’s features and practice forex binary options strategies risk-free. We found this useful during our tests.

High payouts up to 100% on digital options 

Maximum payout rates at World Forex are higher than alternatives.

You can earn up to 100% on the broker’s American digital options and 85% on European options, available in the W-Digital account. Returns are lower on European options because you can get a partial return on any losses, which aren’t available with the firm’s American options.

The payout on the firm’s Digital Contracts 0 – 100 account is always 100%, given the nature of these all-or-nothing contracts.

Placing a binary options trade at World Forex
Accessible trading conditions with a $1 minimum deposit and stake

World Forex offers low barriers to entry with just a $1 minimum deposit. This is the lowest of the MT4 forex binary options brokers we evaluated. The $1 minimum stake on digital options is also accessible for new traders.

In addition, you can open an account in multiple base currencies, including USD, EUR and RUB, catering to global traders.

A wide range of expiry times from 1 minute to 7 days  

World Forex offers a greater range of expiry times than the alternatives we tested, catering to short and medium-term traders.

For the W-DIGITAL account, the expiry time is 1 minute to 7 days and for the Digital Contracts 0-100 account, binaries span 1 hour to 5 days.  


No additional analysis tools in MT4 

We are disappointed that there are no MT4 plugins offered by this broker. This means limited access to additional analysis tools and custom features.

With that said, we don’t consider this a dealbreaker as MT4 still offers a powerful charting package that will meet the needs of most forex binary options traders.

Weak regulatory oversight from the SVGFSA

World Forex is based offshore and regulated by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA).

Our experts do not consider the SVGFSA a reputable regulator, which limits the legal safeguards available to traders. And while most forex binary options brokers with MT4 operate with limited regulatory scrutiny, it is still worth bearing in mind.

Why Is World Forex Better Than The Competition? 

World Forex stands above the competition for its high 100% payouts and low $1 minimum deposit on 25+ currency pairs.

The forex binary options broker also offers multiple ways to use the MetaTrader 4 platform, including a desktop download, web solution and mobile app.

Who Should Choose World Forex? 

World Forex will suit short to medium-term binary options traders with contracts spanning from 1 minute to 7 days.

The three types of digital options contracts will also serve traders looking for flexibility, including the ability to exit trades early, which is possible with the broker’s American options. 

The $1 minimum deposit also makes World Forex suitable for those with limited starting capital.

Who Should Avoid World Forex?

If you want free withdrawals, you should avoid World Forex. The broker charges a fee to withdraw trading profits, often a percentage of the amount plus a flat rate.

You should also avoid World Forex if you want additional MT4 plugins, as the broker does not support these.

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What To Look For In An MT4 Forex Binary Options Broker 

To find the best forex binary options brokers with MetaTrader 4, our team considered several factors:

Straightforward Access To MetaTrader 4

The top MT4 binary options brokers ensure that the platform is accessible on multiple devices. Ease of access is important for forex binary options traders who value convenience and flexibility.

We check whether a broker offers a downloadable MT4 desktop application, a browser-based web trader, and a mobile app. We also ensure that multiple internet browsers, PC types and mobile devices are supported. 

High Payouts On Forex Binary Options

The top-rated FX binary options brokers with MT4 offer high payouts on popular currency pairs.

We consider anything above 80% competitive for majors like the EUR/USD and anything above 60% reasonable for less common currency assets.

To evaluate the payout rates available on forex binary options, we open either a live account or a demo profile.

Flexible Expiry Times

We also consider the range of expiry times, as this will determine whether the brokerage is suitable for short-, medium- and long-term traders.

During our tests, we found that most MT4 forex binary options brokers focus on short-term trading opportunities, with contracts starting from just 60 seconds. However, we also favor brokers that offer longer expiries that span up to 1 week.

Accessible Accounts With Low Deposits

Our team also evaluate how quick, easy and affordable it is to sign up with an MT4 forex binary options broker. This starts with assessing the minimum deposit, which is as low as $1 at leading firms.

In addition, we look for a range of flexible payment methods and consider any deposit or withdrawal charges, processing speeds and additional fees like inactivity penalties.


Which Is The Best MT4 Binary Options Broker? 

GC Option is the best forex binary options broker with access to the MetaTrader 4 platform in 2024. You can trade forex binaries on MT4 with payouts up to 86% and a choice of trading accounts.

Our runner-up is World Forex, which offers very high payouts up to 100% and a low minimum deposit of just $1.

Can You Trade Forex Binary Options On MetaTrader 4?

Yes – some brokers offer forex binary options trading on MetaTrader 4. The best firms based on our tests are GC Option and World Forex.

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