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Trading 212 has received a lot of complaints about unfair practices.  We, therefore, no longer recommend them.  We recommend that you choose another better forex broker instead.

Trading 212 is a trading site where you can gain exposure to things such as stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities, foreign exchange (forex) pairs, cryptocurrency, and more.

Trading 212 logo

Examples of why Trading 212 has become possible:

  • Great app for mobile trading
  • Offers commission-free trading
  • Charts and analysis tools are included in the platform
  • Plenty of educational features
  • Great customer support

A downside with Trading 212 is that you can’t used the MetaTrader4 platform. Also, algorithmic/automated trading is not supported.


Trading 212 was created by Avus Capital, a company based in Bulgaria. In 2013, the company was incorporated in the United Kingdom, which means that it must adhere to UK law and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Can I trade on my mobile?

Yes, the Trading 212 Mobile Apps work well on smartphones and tablets. They were developed specifically for Trading 212. There is one app for Android and another one for iOS.

The trading apps offer full functionality. You can even conduct trades directly from visualisations – a feature that many other mobile trading apps lack.

The trading platform

The platform is easy to navigate. It is less complex than MetaTrader 4, which is both positive and negative. If you are an advanced trader and used to MT4, you’ll probably miss some of the MT4 features. If in doubt, set up a demo account with Trading 212 and use it to get a feel for the platform before you make any decision.

trading 212


There are over 1,800 tradable assets on the Trading 212 platform.

Can I gain exposure to forex pairs?

Yes, there are over 150 FX pairs available in the plattform.

Can I gain exporure to cryptocurrencies?

Yes you can. Not just Bitcoin, but less famous ones such as Ripple and Ether as well.

Commissions & Spreads

Trading 212 offers commission-free trading across a range of assets.

Instead of having commissions as their main source of income, Trading 212 profits from the spreads. Unsurprisingly, their spreads are not the tightest in the market. With that said, they are still fairly tight across a range of assets, including cryptocurrencies where they are definitely competitive.

Important: Trading 212 charges fees for currency conversion.

Account types

The spreads are the same for retail and pro accounts, and you have the same access to commission free trades regardless of account type.

Retail account

This is the account type for non-professional traders.

Pro account

To obtain a pro account, you must fulfill certain requirements pertaining to trading experience, trading frequency and capital. With a pro account, you have less consumer protection. The safety net is gone and you are allowed to take greater risks.

Demo account

With a demo account, you can trade on the platform using play-money. It is a great way to learn how the platform works without risking any real money. You can also use the demo account to test out various trading strategies.

Leveraged trading

Leveraged trading is available at Trading 212.

It remains unknown how Brexit will impact the leveraged trading at Trading 212. As long as the UK is a part of the EU, Trading 212 must follow the EU directive that restricts (but not prohibits) the use of leverage for consumer traders. We could therefore possibly see increased leverage for consumer traders on Trading 212 when the UK has left the EU.

At the time of writing, consumer traders (reatail traders) within the EU can not obtain more leverage than 1:30. For certain markets the cap is even lower. For cryptocurrencies, the cap is 1:2.

For professional trading accounts, Trading 212 offers up to 1:300 leverage.

Deposits and withdrawals

Trading 212 accepts a wide range of transaction methods, including bank transfers, major credit and debit cards, and several e-wallets.

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